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The Cathedral Organs

The Grand Organ

The Cathedral Grand Organ was designed and built by J W Walker & Sons, in 1967. It has four manuals, 88 speaking stops (108 in all) and 4565 pipes.

The action is electro-pneumatic apart from the mechanical swell box links, and the console is situated at the nave level. Built as an integral part of the new Cathedral, the architect Sir Fredrick Gibberd saw the casework as part of his brief and so designed the striking front to the organ. Using little decorative woodwork, Gibberd was inspired by the innovative use of the pipes as had been precedented at Coventry Cathedral and the Royal Festival Hall and so arranged the shiny zinc and wooden pipes and brass trumpets en chamade (mounted horizontally) to contrast strikingly with the concrete pillars which surround it. The Grand Organ is currently undergoing a major restoration project, which you can read about here.

The Box Organ

In 1992 a box organ was commissioned, with generous support from the Cathedral Choir Association and other donors.  The one-manual organ of three stops was built by Kenneth Tickell & Company, a firm of organ builders based in Northampton.  It was designed for use as a solo and accompanying instrument, played regularly for services in the Cathedral´s Blessed Sacrament Chapel and as a continuo instrument for the orchestral masses sung liturgically throughout the year in the Cathedral. The organ can be divided into two parts for easy transportation.

The Crypt Organ

The Crypt Chapel houses an organ originally built by the Liverpool organ building company of Rushworths in 1931 and transferred from the redundant Church of St Patrick, Widnes in 1999. It is a two manual with tracker action.

The specifications of the organs can be viewed here.