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The Golden Book

Inscribed with over 500,000 cherished names, our Golden Book is a unique lasting tribute which effectively connects your loved ones to the continuing story of our Cathedral.

For the past fifty years donors have been asking for remembrance for themselves, members of their families and friends, and we’ve now amassed some 17 completed volumes of the Golden Book. Donors tell us this is a special, and significant way of remembering those dear to them, while also contributing to our Cathedral’s upkeep. Each donor receives a numbered certificate and those whose names are entered in the book are included in the intention of a mass offered in the Cathedral on the first Friday of every month at 5.15pm. For each entry an offering of £10.00 is requested.

All benefactors are also remembered in a weekly Mass in the Cathedral and we invite you to add your name or the names of those you love to our list of benefactors.

Please email for more information.