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Open Mon - Sun: 7.30am – 6.00pm

Education Service

We passionately believe a visit to our Cathedral can deeply enrich a pupil’s education – whether they’re at school, college or university. That’s why we value the important role our Education Department plays in our community. The qualified teachers who make up our team offer a warm welcome to all age groups and abilities.

Our teaching team ensures that everyone gets the very most out of their time here, and endeavours to make the Cathedral experience enjoyable, informative and thoroughly worthwhile.

Enquiries are welcomed at any time from Schools, Colleges and Universities. Teachers may wish to prepare a short reflection and lead their pupils in an act of worship. Pupils may also be present at a regular service during their visit and experience a community at prayer. They may participate in a service, perhaps to celebrate a recent First Holy Communion or Confirmation.


Frequently Asked Questions and Useful Information:

When is this service available?
During normal school hours.

How are visits arranged?
A member of staff from our Education Service holds a preliminary discussion with the school, where the following is agreed:

  • Date of visit
  • Time and duration
  • Number and age of pupils
  • Purpose of visit
  • Requested content of visit
  • Projected outcome

A booking form is then sent to the school and all the details previously discussed with the teacher organising the visit are entered on the form. It should then be returned to the Cathedral so that it may be photocopied and distributed to the Education Service teaching team in advance of the school visit.

How early should a booking be made?
Bookings may be made up to twelve months in advance. An early booking means that a school has a better prospect of getting its chosen dates. It also enables the Education Service team to know in good time when their services are required. Nevertheless, late bookings, although not advisable, are accepted whenever possible.

What is the duration of a visit?
This is very flexible, depending on a number of factors, including:

  • Travelling time
  • Agenda for the rest of the day
  • Number and age of pupils
  • Ability of pupils
  • Purpose of visit

Schools usually choose one or two hours but a longer visit can be arranged.

Can time be allocated for the pupils to work on their own?
Yes, if it is a sufficiently long visit. This matter should be requested on the booking form. Pupils should have specific objectives and they must be supervised by school staff.

Is there a limit to the number of pupils?
Our policy is to arrange the pupils into smaller tutorial groups whenever possible. If schools bring very large numbers of pupils, then the tutorial groups will usually be correspondingly larger. A ratio of one member of our teaching team to 20 pupils is preferred.

Facilities for pupils with disabilities: There is a lift from ground level to Cathedral level situated in the lower porch which is accessible at ground level from the Cathedral car park.

Access to the lower porch can also be had via the right hand garden path which is located at the road end of the private road leading to the Cathedral car park. Proceed through two sets of automatic doors and the lift is on the left. Once inside the Cathedral no steps have to be negotiated.

Access to the Cathedral Crypt is by a staircase or lift situated in the Rotunda to the right of the Blessed Sacrament Chapel and the pipes of the organ.

Lunch: Staff and pupils may bring their own packed lunch and accommodation for eating is usually available if requested at the time of booking.

Parking: Coaches usually park on the road outside the Cathedral. The Security Staff are available to advise.

For more information, or to book a visit, please email

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